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BBQ in Savannah
Photographs by Rush Jagoe.

By the Airbnbmag Staff

Eat, drink, and play like you live there

Bryan Furman, owner of B’s Cracklin BBQ
Bryan Furman, owner of B’s Cracklin’ BBQ in Savannah, traded welding for barbecuing.
Whole hog image: B’s Cracklin’ BBQ focuses on the whole hog approach
Find B’s Cracklin’ BBQ at 12409 White Bluff Rd., south of downtown.

Bryan Furman, 36

Co-owner, B’s Cracklin’ BBQ

How is your place different?
“I focus on whole-hog barbecue, and I use heritage breed pork, the old breeds that the commodity system wouldn’t accept because they don’t grow as fast. There’s a little more fat, a little more flavor.”

Chef’s night out:
“Whenever I have time off, I go to The Florence, Hugh Acheson’s place (1 W. Victory Dr.). They make killer Italian food, and they let me come in with my Georgia boots on, my cargo pants, and a yellow B’s Cracklin’ shirt. I could just be getting off work, and I’ll call Chef Kyle, and I’ll be like, ‘Hey, man, can I come in? I know I’m supposed to be dressed up,’ and he’s like, ‘Man, come on, come on in!’ I’m at home when I go to The Florence.”

Flying Monk Noodle Bar
Flying Monk Noodle Bar is located at 5. W. Broughton St.

Mikhaela Sarmiento, 18

Student, Savannah College of Art and Design

Besides Flying Monk, where do you like to go?
“I really love Zunzi’s (108 E. York St.). There’s almost always a line ­outside—the restaurant itself is tight quarters, so don’t be intimidated. My favorite sandwich to order there is the Godfather with chicken and smoked sausage with tons of different house sauces. I always get their South African tea—it’s addicting!”

And for dessert?
“It’s nice to cool down at Leopold’s (212 E. Broughton St.). All the ice cream there is hand­made, and every month they have special seasonal flavors like Japanese cherry blossom and lavender. I could eat five scoops of just that.”

Tybee’s oceanfront is divided into the North, Mid, and South beaches.

Liza Battestin, 29

Grad student, SCAD

Generations of Savannahians have learned to swim on Tybee Island. Which of its beaches do you like best?
“The North one, where the river meets the ocean.”

If you don't bring a picnic, where do you eat?
“Bubba Gumbo’s, a fish shack on Tybee’s Lazaretto Creek, for fresh shrimp and oysters.”

When is the best time to visit Savannah?
“Spring is particularly beautiful with the blooming camellias and the azaleas in the squares. I love when it begins to transition to summer, though. Late at night, you can go for a walk with the scent of jasmine hanging in the warm, humid air.”

Tell us something surprising:
“There’s a rumor that The Royal Tenenbaums was based loosely on a local family.”

DJ Doc Ock
Flying Monk Noodle Bar is located at 5. W. Broughton St.

Daniel Stratton, 46

DJ Doc Ock

You’re one of the few DJs in town spinning vinyl—where do you get your records?
“There is an area in midtown Savannah called the Starland District, which used to be home to the Starland Dairy. Its old building has been remodeled into shops and galleries, and even a record store, the infamous Graveface Records (5 W. 40th St.). I get most of my vinyl there.”

Tell us about your DJ name:
“It’s borrowed from the Spider-Man character—those comics are available at Planet Fun (127 E. Broughton St.), a small toy store with nostal­gic playthings on downtown’s main retail strip. Some views of it are shown in SpongeBob’s [second] movie, filmed here a couple of years ago.”

Sarah Arcangelo
Sarah’s listing is half a block from the park.

Sarah Arcangelo, 29

Psychology postdoc and an Airbnb host

My perfect walk:
“I would start off at my house, of course, with a drink in my hand—did you know Savannah is one of only roughly eight cities that allow you to open-carry alcohol? Go north through Forsyth Park and then straight up Bull Street. Turn right onto Jones Street and take your time. This is the most beautiful street in America: live oaks, Spanish moss, and old homes.”

Locals do it better:
“I am sure someone has recommended that you eat at The Olde Pink House. My suggestion? Head to the basement. Very few people know about it. There’s a piano, huge fireplaces, and a tavern feel that is 100 percent Savannah.”

About the dog:
“This is Po. He’s a total troublemaker, but he loves Savannah too.”

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