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Host Hacks
Paper illustration by Mauro Seresini.

By the Airbnbmag Staff

A spotless space is just Step One in making guests feel at home. Here’s how the pros go the extra mile.

Provide a pillow menu

“Offer a variety of pillows—your guest may prefer one that’s softer or firmer, larger or smaller. Some should be feather-free in case of allergies.”

—Kelly Palmatier, Airbnb host in Asheville, NC”

Color-code the towels

“We do not buy white towels or linens, first because bleach is horrible for the environment, but also because we can host up to six guests, and it gets confusing for everybody to know whose towel is whose. So all our towels have different, pretty, subtle colors.”

—Bruna De Araujo, Airbnb host in Tivoli, NY

Let them play DJ

“People really dig our record player and vintage records, either because they have one themselves and enjoy hearing someone else’s collection, or because they don’t and it’s a novelty.”

—Jesse Green, Airbnb host in Detroit, MI

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